KATANA Safety Mini
KATANA Safety Mini KATANA Safety Mini KATANA Safety Mini KATANA Safety Mini KATANA Safety Mini KATANA Safety Mini
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KATANA Safety Mini

Being a minimalist shouldn't mean that you can't have access to big-time help whenever you may need it! Introducing the KATANA Safety Mini. The only personal safety device that attaches to your smartphone and gives you complete access to help 24/7 with just the flick of a finger.
For those who don't want or need the wallet or safety wristband, but still want access to full-sized help, the KATANA Safety Mini is the perfect product for you!

    Powerful Device in a Compact Design 

    Regular price $99.00

    Premium Membership Includes

    • 24/7 Emergency Response Team
    • Emergency Dispatch to exact location (only if required)
    • Circle of Safety notification to up to 7 Members
    • Unlimited Walk With Me
    • Circle Conference Call
    • Siri Voice Activation
    • Free 7 Day Premium Trial Included
    • Free Basic Lifetime Membership Included
    • Premium Memberships available in the app

    KATANA Safety Mini Features

    • Attaches to the back of any Smartphone.
    • Instant access to help in an emergency
    • Patented Technology bypasses your phones lock screen, activates app, identifies location
    • 4 Patented Quick Triggers Alerts
      • Loud Audible Quick Trigger Alert
      • Silent Quick Trigger Alert
      • Voice Activated Quick Trigger Alert
      • Hidden Wristband Quick Trigger
    • New Compact and lightweight design
    • Space to add favorited smartphone grip
    • Built in 2-year battery never requires charging